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Twenty Four Hours in Barcelona

Whether you're running out of time in sunny Spain, enjoying a quick stopover or generally looking for things to do in Barcelona, here's...

Exploring the Islands of Venice

Venice has always been one of the top places I have wanted to visit, so when we finally got the chance to go, I was ecstatic. As we have...

A Romanian Christmas

Last year we got to spend four days in the beautiful city of Bucharest - Romania's capital! As it was December, the city had descended...

Four Days in Singapore

Singapore is an often overlooked country when travelling around Asia - its neighbour Malaysia is a lot cheaper to fly to and stay in...

Fun and Frolics in Fukuoka

Perhaps one of the most underrated cities in Japan, Fukuoka was one of my favourite places we visited in the country. It's got a little...

Kicking It In Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the most popular cities to visit in Japan, and it's easier to see why with its traditional culture, incredible shrines and t

The Things You Should Try in Tokyo

Tokyo is one hell of a city, with skyscrapers, delicious food, amazing customer service and large advertising billboards making it seem...

My Top Tips for Sziget Festival

When I first started mentioning Sziget Festival to people, many individuals had no idea what I was talking about. This may have been...

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